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Printing at WSA: an update

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Hi, everyone! This is Venny, the Winchester Campus President, with an update on printing. The WSA Committee and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey we sent out at the end of last semester. I’m really happy to say that nearly 300 of you have completed the survey, leaving over 5,000 words worth of comments! Without further ado, here are the results:

On average, how much do you spend on printing per term?

  • £85

Note: We received a variety of responses to this question ranging from no money spent on printing to over £500. After … Read the rest

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Printing: An Update!

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Hello everyone! For those who don’t know me, my name is Samuel Dedman and I’m VP Education at the Students’ Union. During my election campaign for this role I made a commitment to look into printing and printing costs across the University of Southampton, and with the start of term fast approaching I thought it was worth doing a bit of an update. In order to make things easier I’ve divided the project into two parts – free printing and printing costs. And so without any further ado…


Printing Costs

Alongside looking into free printing (below) it also seemed … Read the rest

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