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Starting Uni – Top Tips From Current Students to Incoming Students

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Pre-uni nerves have kicked in, and you have made your trip to Ikea/Wilko/other student appropriate shop where you can get what you need to take with you. Sure, physically you are pretty prepared, you’ve got it all sorted. But, what will actually happen once you’re there, what should you expect? You might just be nervous. Everyone is, and that is totally normal! 

But we want to help put your mind at ease, new students, or even returners who aren’t sure about the upcoming academic year. We asked students past and present what advice they would give to someone starting uni, … Read the rest

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Freshers’ 2016: Welcome Parties – Your Introduction To Student Life

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Our Welcome Parties are the official start of the greatest 2 weeks of your life and the best introduction possible for your uni years. BBC Radio 1 DJ and Southampton alumnus, Chris Stark, our (almost) resident DJ, comes back every year for this event, so it must be quite something!

Your hall will be assigned to one of our 3 Welcome Parties so it’s the perfect opportunity to see how dance compatible you are with your new hall friends;

Welcome Party I – Saturday 24 September 2016: Erasmus Park, City Gateway, Mayflower, Private Rented

Welcome Party IIRead the rest

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Everything you need to know about Halls

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Here at Southampton, we have 11 Halls of Residence, and 12 Halls Committees (to make sure all of you in private accommodation are represented), all situated near lots of local amenities to give you a memorable first year. Check out this handy fact file for whichever hall you’re in!

Archers Road

  • Archers is a small halls, situated on, you guessed it, Archers Road, just outside the city centre, so getting into town is very easy.
  • Rooms are self-catered and en suite, and undergraduates can be placed in either Romero or Gately blocks.
  • These halls are renowned for how friendly everyone
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Christmas at Halls

In General

While many students will be leaving university soon to spend Christmas at home, there are those of you out there who will be remaining in halls throughout the festive period. But rest assured – your Halls Committees have plenty of activities planned to ensure you won’t be lonely this Christmas. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on your Halls’ Facebook pages for updates in the run up to Christmas!

FIFA Tournament Grand Halls Final

Glen Eyre, Wessex Lane, Mayflower, Erasmus Park, City Gateway, Highfield, Bencraft and Archers Road are all invited to take part in the FIFA Tournament Grand … Read the rest

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Halls Committee nominations period extended until 8PM tonight

In General

We have extended the nominations period for Halls Committee Elections until 8pm tonight, to allow students more time to nominate themselves and take a look at the available roles. We want you to make an informed choice about which role to nominate yourself for….so read below and find out the options.

What are Halls Committees?

Every Halls of residence at University of Southampton (including private rented) has their own Halls Committee (formerly known as JCRs), to ensure that students are given the support they need in their first year.

What roles can I run for?

Each Halls (including Private rented) … Read the rest

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