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What to Pack for University (and what you can probably leave behind)

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When you move to uni, it may feel like your room is full to the brim with stuff.

You are 1 part person, 3 parts IKEA purchases, shower caddies and pots and pans. There are boxes crammed with things you might need, could need, will inevitably share with your housemates and more tea towels than you know what to do with.

It is however inevitable that out of your entire flat, you won’t be able to find a single clean tea towel in a week. 

So, when you have hundreds of videos from popular studytubers and endless blog posts about … Read the rest

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Moving house safely during Covid-19

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As you move back home for the summer, or move from one student house/flat to another, it’s important to remember how to stay safe during this process.

Moving out during Covid-19

The UK government have issued advice on moving house, which can be read here: Government advice on home moving during the coronavirus outbreak.
Their advice includes:

  • The process of finding and moving into a new home is likely to be different, as those involved in the process will need to adapt practices and procedures to ensure that the risk of spread of coronavirus is reduced as far as
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Rate Your Crib: tell us about your student housing

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What has your student housing or accommodation been like this year? Was is clean or dirty… great or awful… well priced or expensive?

Whatever your experience has been like this year, we want to know! By taking our Rate Your Crib survey your feedback will help us support future students, whether they live in Halls, private rented accommodation or at home.

Plus, everyone who completes the survey will be enterted into our prize draw to win a month’s rent (£350)!

Complete our survey here: Rate Your Crib

Survey closes Sunday 19 July.

A photo of a bed with lots of cushions, a small bedside table and lamp.
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Learn ‘how to adult’ at the Union this month

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When did you learn to read your gas meter? Are you up to date with paying your bills? Are you getting the most out of your central heating? The Union is here to help you pick up key life skills this month!

Housing and Life Skills Day

Tuesday 29 January, 11:00 – 15:00, on the Redbrick (Highfield campus)
Learn more about student housing and important life skills you might not have mastered yet, like budgeting, maintaining your home and first aid.
There will be the opportunity to win prizes in our raffle too.

Meet a Housemate

Wednesday 30 January, 18:00 Read the rest

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Welfare Wednesday Podcast No.3: Don’t Rush to Rent

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Boo! It’s almost Halloween! Which means it’s almost that time of year where the student housing nightmare begins. Every year the rumours about all the good houses being gone begin to circulate, the rush of panicked house viewings start and deposits are begrudgingly handed over.

But what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way, that it’s OK to take your time, choose your new housemates wisely and that you don’t have to rush to rent?!

Sounds pretty good huh? Listen to our Welfare Wednesday podcast below to hear some student housing horror stories, sound advice Read the rest

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Shift Your Stuff

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Over your time at uni, it is likely that you have accumulated a lot of stuff. Whether it is clothes, furniture, books or boxsets, when it comes to packing up your room for the summer, you may find that you have a little more than you anticipated. That’s why we are running our annual Shift Your Stuff campaign, where you can donate your unwanted items and we will organise for them to go to one of fifteen participating charities.

How does it work?

  1. Collect your stickers and red bag

Available from between 31 May-29 June from the Union’s Highfield Reception … Read the rest

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Vent About Your Rent: Win 1 month’s rent!

In General

Would you like to have a month off paying your rent or get yourself some fancy furniture for your student pad?

We’re offering you the chance to do just that by completing our annual housing survey here.

Why do you want to know about my housing experience?

Every year we ask students to complete our housing survey, so that we can keep track of the cost of student rent, to ensure we provide a competitive service at our very agency, SUSU Lettings, and so we can give you the information you need to pick the right place for … Read the rest

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How to Save Money in Southampton: Saving energy around the house

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Welcome to the second installment in our three-part blog series about how you can save money in Southampton. Last week, we looked at how to save money on shopping/food and this time, we are going to impart our wisdom about how to save energy on your house. Both good for the planet and your wallet, these tips are not to be missed! If you’ve got any advice that you think would help other students, then please get in touch via our Twitter page @yoursusu.

Saving Energy Around the House

– Get leaky taps fixed, if your taps are constantly … Read the rest

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Finding your home from home

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Finding a new place to host those legendary pre-parties can be difficult, time-consuming and stressful. There’s always a huge pressure to get it done as soon as possible out of fear that all the good houses will go! Below are a few tips to make finding your new digs a walk in the park.

Before you start

Before you start viewing houses you need to decide who you are living with and specifically how many of you there will be in the house. 4/5 is the most common number, which on the one hand means there are a lot of … Read the rest

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Housing Week: Read The Small Print Day

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How many times have you signed up to something without reading the small print? Whether it be a mobile phone contract, mailing list, terms and conditions on a social media account or even your housing contract, we have all done it. We all know we shouldn’t, but who has the time to traipse through pages of size 8 font just in case something is important, right?!

Well, we are here to help. It is really important that you do read the small print with whatever it is you are signing to ensure that you don’t get yourself into any issues … Read the rest

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