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Sport and Wellbeing memberships: an update

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Hi everyone, Steve Gore, your 2018-19 VP Sports here!

01 August 2017 marked an important date for the roughly 9,000 students that use Sport and Wellbeing facilities at the University of Southampton. This was the date when Sport and Wellbeing introduced a new tiered membership system and departed from their “one size fits all” business model, primarily in an effort to manage the overcrowding of the gym in Jubilee Sports Centre.

01 August 2018, a year to the day, will see Sport and Wellbeing introduce another change to their offer, but this time it’s a change led by student … Read the rest

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Intramural Awards 2018

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We are pleased to announce the trophy winners of our Intramural league this year! To collect your team’s trophy, please visit the Sabbatical Office in Building 42.

Futsal – Glen Eyre

Basketball – Badgers Black

Badminton Doubles – HinduSoc Doubles

Badminton Mixed – HinduSoc Mixed

Hockey – SUENS

Rugby – Glen Eyre Lost Boys

Football Weekend Division One – Connaught 1s

Football Weekend Division Two – BusSoc FC

Football Weekend Division Three – Glen Eyre FC

Football Midweek Division One – Monte Halls 1

Football Midweek Division Two – Liberty Point

Netball Division One – Bluetits A

Netball Division Two … Read the rest

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What does the new Sport and Wellbeing Membership mean for students?

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I’m Steve, your VP Sports at Students’ Union. My job is to help give students opportunities to compete in sport at all levels and represent your student voice to the University and the wider community. In my first blog I will be talking about the controversial recent changes in the Sport and Wellbeing membership from a student perspective. I’ll explain what has changed and why, and look at who is losing out and who will benefit under the new scheme. I will also discuss some exciting new developments in sports at the University of Southampton that will hopefully make … Read the rest

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