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SUSU Elections results revealed!

In General

It’s been another great year for student democracy at SUSU, with thousands of votes cast!

There was some action-packed campaigning by some very dedicated candidates.

Every student who voted had a say on the students who will lead our Students’ Union!

And here is who you chose…

Union President:
Benjamin Franklin

VP Democracy & Creative Industries:
Kerry Sclater

VP Welfare:
Sam Bailey

VP Engagement:
Hannah Talbot

VP Student Communities:
Anjit Aulakh

VP Sports Development:
Jamie Wilson

VP Education:
Shruti Verma

Student leaders:

Ethics and Environment Officer:
Amy Paraskeva

Student Groups Officer:
Trini Philip

The Edge Editor:
Natalie Fordham

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Davids get waxed for Children in Need

In General

VP Education, David Mendoza-Wolfson and Union President, David Gilani put on a brave-face for charity after agreeing to have their legs waxed for Children in Need.

Organised by RAG, the sponsored waxing saw students either pay to watch the waxing or have ago and do it themselves.

Jenny Bortoluzzi from the RAG society explained, “The guys have the choice of getting their legs or back waxed. We’ve raised £233 so far through online sponsoring and have yet to add up the donations we’ve received today.”
No stranger to doing things for charity, David Gilani said, “RAG are amazing at finding … Read the rest

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