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Society Spotlight: Volleyball

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We recently met up with the following members of the Volleyball Club (SUVC) to find out more about what they get up to: Matt, club President, (joined Men’s 1st Team, joined 2 years ago), Phoebe, Higher Education Volleyball Officer, (joined Women’s 1st Team, joined 2 years ago), Christina (Women’s 1st Team, joined in her second semester 2 years ago), Coco (Women’s 1st Team, joined since the start of this academic year), Owen (Men’s 1st Team, joined at the start of the academic year) and Brendan (joined 2nd Team last year, advanced to Men’s 1… Read the rest

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You Are More Than Your Studies

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Whether you are an undergrad or a postgrad and you’re completing a research-based or taught degree, we know that January can be a tough time. When the post-Christmas blues set in and deadlines are looming, sometimes you just need a bit of time out to relax and refresh. Our Refreshers’ Pass will sort out any of your nightlife needs, but if you want a bit of TLC or chilled out relaxation during the day, come and join us at the free events below to remind yourself that: You Are More Than Your Studies.

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  • In Meeting Room 2 and
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Seven things you didn’t know about SUSU

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Did you know that SUSU has a new Instagram account? Include us in your pictures via @SUSUSnaps #SUSUSnaps. We also have a Facebook /YourSUSU and Twitter @YourSUSU account so keep in contact!


Did you know that The Bridge at SUSU has a chef, Luke Phillips that has worked in Michelin star restaurant JSW?!


Did you know that SUSU displays all its finances on its website? So, if you ever wonder how it allocates its money, you can find out more here: http://www.susu.org/about/facts-and-figures.html


Did you know about The Valley Gardens? It’s often a hidden treasure at Southampton. Behind … Read the rest

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