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Freshers’ Master Pass Announcement

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6,000 students. 10 huge events. 1 Master Pass.

That’s right. With our Freshers’ Master Pass, you can get all of this:

Freshers_WelcomeParty_Thumbnail Welcome Party – CHRIS STARK AND DROP DIVISION

  • Welcome Party 1: Saturday 24 September – Erasmus Park, City Gateway, Mayflower, Private Rented
  • Welcome Party 2: Sunday 25 September – Archers Road, Bencraft, Chamberlain, Monte
  • Welcome Party 3: Monday 26 September – Connaught, Glen Eyre, Highfield, Liberty Point
  • 21:00-02:00
  • The Union (B42), Highfield campus

Your first introduction to student life. Get to know your new housemates with the ultimate night out. We want you all of you to get involved, … Read the rest

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Postgraduate Guest Blog: Advice to my younger self – top tips for new (and current) PhD students Part 2 The Job Hunt

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We asked postgraduate student Zoe M. Harris to write a post to give students some advice for new and current PhD students. She has done just that and some of her gems of knowledge may be useful to undergraduates as well! Zoe’s advice will appear in a weekly series following on from last week’s post with tips on the PhD. Stay tuned for next week’s post with more general life tips.

After handing in my thesis and waiting to viva (this is an oral examination for those that don’t know!), I was applying for jobs and working as a research Read the rest

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Postgraduate Guest Blog: Life as a Postgraduate Student Parent

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We caught up with Kirsty Bolton, a Postgraduate student studying a PhD in Medieval Literature, to talk about her life as a Student Parent at the University of Southampton. Here’s what she said:

My daughter’s Pre-School teacher pulled me aside at collection time the other day to tell me that they had been talking about what jobs the children’s parents do.  “She told us that you go to university to read and study bugs?!”  Well, I don’t study bugs (I think that she meant books), but it makes me really happy to see how proud my daughter is of what … Read the rest

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