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Keeping up to date with the Union

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From finding out breaking news to keeping up with a friend that you spoke to 3 years ago, most people (and certainly most students), use at least one social network, be it Facebook or Twitter or another networking site.

We recognise that student’s want fast and effective ways to keep up to date with what’s happening at their Union, so we work hard to maintain a great social media presence to keep you informed.

If you’re not keeping up with our social media sites then you’re missing out on the action!

If you are coming to Southampton in a few … Read the rest

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In General

Congratulations to everyone who opened their results today and found out they have a place at the University of Southampton!

We have a great Freshers’ Week planned for you, which we will be announcing over the course of the next month, and look forward to saying hello in September!

In the meantime, let your Union President be the first to congratulate you:

[youtube_sc url=”TktY51GDYVk” autoplay=”1″ fs=”1″]

Like us on Facebook and join the Official Freshers Group to meet your fellow students and keep up to date on all our announcements as they happen. Follow us on Twitter and don’t forget … Read the rest

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