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Hear from activist Kenny Jones as part of Trans Awareness Week

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As part of Trans Awareness week, male activist and entrepreneur Kenny Jones will be speaking at SUSU on Thursday 14 November. Kenny will be talking about his personal experience, transphobia, and what it is like to be trans in the BAME community. He will also be discussing period poverty in the trans community alongside gender neutral period products.

VP Welfare and Community Laura Barr says:

“Regardless of what community you are in, this is a great opportunity to hear a lived experience from somebody who can provide insight into these issues. Kenny will not be fully representative of the Read the rest

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SUSU commits to profitless menstrual products

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Your VP Welfare and Community Laura Barr tells you everything you need to know about our promise to not profit from menstrual products sold in The Shop.

What is this campaign all about?

“The move to make period products be at cost price and to stop the Union profiting from menstrual items is a statement to say that we do not support, or want to be complicit in, treating these necessary items as ‘products’ or ‘luxuries’.”

Why is this happening now?

“Now is as good a time as any. Really it should have happened years ago. If we want to Read the rest

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