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Black History Month 2020

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Black History Month is the time for staff, students, societies and the wider community to reflect on, celebrate and learn about Black History.

Every October since 1987, Britain has come together to discuss, celebrate and learn about Black history. Black History Month is incredibly important every year, but with the tragic and tumultuous events of 2020, it is more important than ever before that conversations about race and history take place.

Here are some of the events we are hosting this month:

Weekly Book Recommendations as part of our Black History Month Book Club on our Facebook page

The Bridge Read the rest

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Online Harassment Reporting Tool

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Hey everyone, it’s Arun Aggarwal (VP Student Communities) and Sam Higman (VP Welfare) here.

This year we’ve seen a rise in the number of reported issues around harassment come to the Sabbatical team, and be publicly risen. Because of this, we have worked alongside the Stand Up To Racism Society to better the Union’s method of reporting harassment and allow us to gather data.

We have come up with a new service to facilitate how to report those issues and how we can provide support to affected people. This new service will be in the shape of an online form … Read the rest

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