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Statement regarding The Soton Tab

In General

The Soton Tab recently published an article regarding the death of a University of Southampton student. This article displays a complete lack of sensitivity on the subject, with no mention of support services for readers. 

The Union has received complaints from students, including submissions to You Make Change, and the article has received considerable backlash on social media.

Students have asked the Union to take action.  We have therefore contacted the national Tab directly and asked them to take down the article out of respect for the student, their family & friends, and all those affected by this tragic event.… Read the rest

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Living at home after university

In General

Whether you’ve finished for the summer or finished for good, living at home post University isn’t always the easiest experience. Here are our top tips on how to make the transition comfortable for both you and your parents.

Work through it

As tempting as it might be to hide away with a mountain of box sets, there’s nothing better for taking your mind off things than getting a job. Whether it’s a part-time job to put some extra cash in your pocket, work experience to further your career or even a spot of volunteering, it will keep you busy and … Read the rest

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