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Black History Month 2017 Part 2 – The Scramble for Africa

In General

Part 2 of our series on Colonialism in Africa, we will be focusing on Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganada, Madagascar and Burundi

Several events will be coming up during this month, so keep an eye out for:

  • BHM Karaoke (Stags’) – 19 October
  • Caribbean Curry and Quiz at WSA (WSA Cafe)– 24 October
  • Debate: Building The Black Lives Matter Movement And Its Importance (Nuffield 06/1081)– 25 October


Ethiopia was one of 2 African countries to have never been colonized, but was occupied by Italy for a short period in 1936. Under the Reign of Emperor Menelik II, the Italians signed the … Read the rest

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