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Your Questions Answered This Week

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Every week we will be sharing our most frequently asked questions from students. This week your questions were…

How can we get the two free masks the University are giving each student?
Facemasks are available to collect during working hours from SUSU’s main reception in Building 42, and Hartley Library.

Where can I study on campus?
You can view a list of all the study spaces available at Highfield, Avenue and within libraries here: Study spaces across our campuses.

Is the Safety Bus running this term?
Unfortunately the Safety Bus isn’t running at the moment.

Is The Shop Read the rest

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The Safety Bus is now FREE to use!

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You heard that right, from now on the Safety Bus will be free to use whether you find yourself at Highfield campus for one of our events or have stayed late to study!

The service will run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 22:00 – 02:00. Pickup location is on the Redbrick area (outside The Stag’s).

You can keep up to date with any updates along with approximate pickup times on twitter: @SUSU_safetybus

For more information on the SUSU Saftey Bus, check here: SUSU Safety Bus.… Read the rest

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Stay Safe this Holiday Season

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During the festive season you may find you are celebrating in the city, partying with friends, or maybe you are studying late into the evening. Whatever the reason, if you are staying out late make sure you have a plan for travelling around the city and getting home. We have some helpful info below to guide you…

Safety Bus
The Union’s Safety Bus is available every evening from 21:00 during term time, on the Redbrick outside Building 42, Highfield Campus. Our team will drop you off right at your door for just £1.50 if you live within 3 miles of … Read the rest

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Getting around in Southampton

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You’ve arrived at the University of Southampton, and you’re finally here in the big city of Southampton! But how can you get around and explore everything you want to? Here are a few top tips from us…


The Unilink bus is the perfect way to get to and from campus. If you’re living in Halls in Southampton, good news! You’ll automatically get a free Unilink bus pass. This also gives you access to the city’s Bluestar buses, so it’s a great way to begin exploring Southampton and beyond. To buy a pass or to discuss your options, pop … Read the rest

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Staying safe this Christmas

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Judging by all the Christmas light displays around campus and our Tech Crew being busy setting up for tonight’s Christmas Ball, it looks like Christmas has come early!

While we are starting to feel festive, remember to follow some simple rules to stay safe. When on a night out, don’t leave your drink unattended and look after your friends – tiredness or too many drinks may make you feel unwell rapidly.

At the end of the night, make sure you avoid walking home alone – our Safety Buses will take you home for only £1.50 from the Redbrick (outside Building … Read the rest

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University Road Closures

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University Road will be closed between 19:00-06:00 on 07, 08 and 09 December.

The area between the pelican crossings in front of the crescent will be affected, but the safety bus will still be running.

If you are at uni or attending the Christmas Ball or Karaoke, you can catch the safety bus in the coach bay where the WSA shuttle bus stops (next to the Interchange area).

If you have any queries about this, please don’t hesitate to tweet us @Union_SotonRead the rest

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Safety Bus Times over the festive season

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We know that January can be a stressful time for you what with exams (dare we mention it) and adjusting to life back at uni after Christmas.

That’s why we have arranged for the Safety Bus to run from 20:00-06:30 between Monday 09 January – Monday 30 January. You can get back home safely whether it is pitch black or the early hours for just £1.50.

Find out more on our website.

 … Read the rest

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New Safety Buses on the way

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As you know, we recently overhauled our brand to become Union Southampton – so what better time to give our Safety Buses a makeover too?!

Each bus in our existing fleet has done in excess of 95k in the last five years, so we thought it was high time we let them have a rest! So we’ve acquired five brand spanking new buses that will be driving our way in the first week of August.

All five of our new buses are 15 seaters and are blue in colour to match the WSA Shuttle Bus.  They are all equipped with … Read the rest

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Safety Bus is back for the summer term

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The Safety Bus will recommence journeys from Monday 18th April between 8pm-6am, until Wednesday 1st June.

The bus works by dropping off students directly to their doors after a night out for just £1.50.

Find out more about how you can stay safe on a night out here.

 … Read the rest

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Keep yourselves safe

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It is important to maintain you and your friends personal safety around campus and halls.  Please keep in mind the following safety tips:

  • #TakeAMate – Avoid walking home alone at night, walk with a friend
  • Avoid dark alleyways and always walk along main roads that are well lit
  • Book a registered taxi company (or the safety bus on journeys back from Highfield). We work in partnership with Radio Taxis on the Safe Taxi Scheme, where you can get home safely even when you don’t have any money on you.
  • Notify security at your halls of residence if you see
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