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Should the Hartley Library be open 24 hours a day, all-year round? – YOU Decide!

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Approved at Union Council last Monday, we will be holding a referendum on Friday 30th October for students to decide whether they want the Hartley Library at Highfield campus to be open 24 hours a day, year-round.

In response to the increased student intake and in order to ‘reduce library overcrowding’, the University has planned to begin 24-hour opening of the Hartley Library from 2 November 2015 to 5 June 2016. The referendum is a response to the lack of student consultation carried about by the University. The last student consultation on a 24-hour library was run in 2013, when … Read the rest

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The Students’ Union launches SURecruit

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We are launching our very own on-site recruitment agency, SURecruit, to help students find part-time work while they study.

The agency, set to be launched this Freshers’, will work with local employers to find opportunities for students in areas such as hospitality, leisure and care.

Located in the Students’ Union by The Bridge, the agency has been founded in partnership with the University of Southampton’s Careers Destinations Team. Each student will be offered support with the aim of finding suitable work opportunities according to their individual skills and interests.

VP Welfare Officer Sam Bailey says “SURecruit is perfect if you’re … Read the rest

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SUSU Elections results revealed!

In General

It’s been another great year for student democracy at SUSU, with thousands of votes cast!

There was some action-packed campaigning by some very dedicated candidates.

Every student who voted had a say on the students who will lead our Students’ Union!

And here is who you chose…

Union President:
Benjamin Franklin

VP Democracy & Creative Industries:
Kerry Sclater

VP Welfare:
Sam Bailey

VP Engagement:
Hannah Talbot

VP Student Communities:
Anjit Aulakh

VP Sports Development:
Jamie Wilson

VP Education:
Shruti Verma

Student leaders:

Ethics and Environment Officer:
Amy Paraskeva

Student Groups Officer:
Trini Philip

The Edge Editor:
Natalie Fordham

Wessex Scene … Read the rest

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Student Magazine Wessex Scene to Launch Rebrand!

In General

Following the nationally awarded success of The Edge’s redesign and rebrand this time last year, the Wessex Scene are looking to head in the same direction.

New Head of Design, Sam Bailey, has lead the new design, which will be launched at a high-profile event later this term.

The Launch Party is open to all, and will be held in The Bridge on Tuesday 30th evening. There will be free champagne available for the first thirty guests, and the redesign will be unveiled by Tahlie Cooper, Editor, and Megan Downing, VP DCI. The dress code is black tie, so scrub … Read the rest

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