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Grad Ball 2017: Final information

In General

Our Graduation Ball 2017 is nearly here! We’re sure that you’re all set with your wristbands and outfits, but there’s some other important information that you’re going to need to know:


  • We’ll open the gate to the Ball at 20:00 on Saturday 10 June


  • You will (of course) need to be wearing your Grad Ball wristband, but also remember to bring your Student ID. You will need to show both in order to get in!


  • If you don’t have a Student ID, you will need to bring an other form of ID for proof of age
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Housing Week: Read The Small Print Day

In General

How many times have you signed up to something without reading the small print? Whether it be a mobile phone contract, mailing list, terms and conditions on a social media account or even your housing contract, we have all done it. We all know we shouldn’t, but who has the time to traipse through pages of size 8 font just in case something is important, right?!

Well, we are here to help. It is really important that you do read the small print with whatever it is you are signing to ensure that you don’t get yourself into any issues … Read the rest

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