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How can the Union improve our campuses?

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Our VP Student Communities, Emily Harrison, launched our Sites Survey this week to hear your feedback on how we can improve student life at Avenue and Boldrewood campuses, the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton General Hospital and the Winchester School of Art.

If you spend time studying at any of these campuses, whether it’s a full week or just a few hours, we want to hear from YOU! Whatever ideas you have about how they can be improved or how we can extend the Union’s presence there, let us know.

Complete the survey here: Sites Survey

If you have any … Read the rest

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What’s this immunology centre all about then?

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You may have heard about the new campaign by the University of Southampton to help cure cancer. Their aim is to crowd fund £25m to open a new state-of-the-art Centre for Cancer Immunology by 2017. They aim to develop immunotherapy to revolutionise the way we cure cancer.

It’s such a huge project, so to make sure you can be clear on what the money goes to Professor Peter Johnson, Professor of Oncology at Southampton and Chief Clinician at Cancer Research UK, answered a few of the most frequently asked questions:

The campaign’s goal is to raise £25m.  What will the Read the rest

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The cure for cancer? You’re it.

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The University of Southampton has always been at the cutting edge of leading scientific research, and now they need your help. They’re currently campaigning to fund the first dedicated cancer immunology centre in Europe. The University currently leads the UK in cancer immunology research, and their discoveries are already making a huge difference to people with cancer.

They’re aiming to raise £25m to open a state-of-the-art Cancer Immunology centre by 2017, which would be located at Southampton General Hospital and partnered with the planned Francis Crick Centre in London (which is a major international hub for biomedical research).

Peter Johnson, … Read the rest

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SUSU Forums launches to connect campuses

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Last week, SUSU Forums launched in an effort to develop a better dialogue with minority communities which are part of the University of Southampton.

The forum which is part of the Students’ Union website aims to facilitate student discussion including feedback linked to what SUSU can do for students. Currently, the communities which the site has been established for are Winchester School of Art, Southampton General Hospital, National Oceanography Centre and postgraduate students.

Discussing the launch, VP Communities Oli Coles said:

“The forums are an online tool where students who study at external sites as well as postgraduate students can … Read the rest

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