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5 Things We Know You’ll Miss About SUSU This Summer

In General

The summer season has rolled around again, and for many of you that means leaving Southampton and all that we have¬†to offer, so have a nostalgic look back on all the things that you’ll miss when you’re not here.

1. SUSU the Cat

susu cat

Whether you’re a cat person or not, we’re all agreed that SUSU the Cat is the real queen of Building 42. Even if you’ve got pets back home, will your day really be the same without a grumpy scowl from our resident furry friend?

2. Quiz and Curry

Quiz & Curry Poster


There’s really no better way to … Read the rest

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A Look Back on Stress Less Fest 2015

In General

There was the petting zoo, and the results hub. Days you could play on huge inflatables and days you could pet a puppy on the Redbrick.¬†Free showings from Union Films and LinkedIn Labs, as well as classes on how to understand academic stress. It’s safe to say that Stress Less fest 2015 was bigger and better than any before, so let’s go through some of our best bits!

There was big love for the free bananas:

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