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Last Chance to Nominate Yourself in the Spring Elections

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You wouldn’t turn down your dream job – so hurry and nominate yourself in our Spring Elections before 13:00 today!

All you need is passion and an interest in the area and we will offer full training on the job. Our Full-Time Officer positions are salaried and our Part-Time Student Leader roles can fit flexibly around your degrees.

We understand that you want to brush up those manifestos as you would a regular job application. However, make sure you don’t miss the deadline today to run for one of our roles.

You can nominate yourself now at www.unionsouthampton.org/elections.

If … Read the rest

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Autumn Elections 2016 – Results Are In

In General

Congratulations to everyone who was elected in our Autumn Elections 2016.

The elections were run to offer students the opportunity to run for positions in:

  • Student Leader, Zone Open Places, Postgrad Committee and Senate
  • Academic President and Vice President
  • Course Representatives

You can view the results in full on our website at www.unionsouthampton.org/elections/2016Read the rest

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Our Student Media Opportunities

In General

Here at Southampton we are proud to have over 300 student run student groups, ensuring there is something for everyone. Among these are four award-winning media outlets as well as your very own student cinema, based in the heart of the Union. Each of these groups are run by a Student Leader, elected in our Spring Elections, and each offer you a range of ways of getting involved, with anything from simply watching, reading or listening, to making potentially award-winning content or putting on a film. Here is a brief rundown of how they are!

Surge Radio – Surge are … Read the rest

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Introducing… Union Films

In General

Among all the many things we offer you, did you know that one of them is your very own student run cinema?! Union Films is based in the centre of the Union building and is run entirely for your enjoyment by members of the Union Films student group!

The Cinema is conveniently situated on Level 3 of the Union, so you can buy all sorts of treats from Bar 3 Diner before you head to watch some of the latest films and classic throwbacks that everyone knows and loves. If that’s still not enough to tempt you, we recently installed … Read the rest

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Be the Voice of Thousands of Students

In General

This year’s elections are well under way, with nominations opening last Monday, giving you plenty of time to write your application and nominate yourself before the deadline on Thursday, February 12th.

Alongside the seven Sabbatical Officer positions up for grabs this spring, we’ve also got countless Student Leader positions that you can campaign to be elected for. Student Leader positions are part-time, so you’ll be working around your degree to lead SUSU for the year.

Four of the Student Leader positions available are: JCRs Officer, Post-Graduate Officers and Student Groups Officer. Let us tell you a little bit … Read the rest

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The results from Elections 2013!

In General

After weeks of nominations, campaigning and a very busy few days of voting we’re pleased to introduce you to your next team of Sabbatical Officers!


Union President – David Gilani
VP Democracy & Creative Industries – David Martin
VP Education – David Mondoza-Wolfson
VP Engagement – Claire Gilbert
VP Sports Development – Evan Whyte
VP Student Communities – Oli Coles
VP Welfare – Rebecca Thomas

For the first time ever we’ve elected your Sabbatical Officers, Student Leaders, Trustees and Union Councillors at the same time – and the winners of the biggest Elections we’ve ever held were finally revealed last … Read the rest

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Voting in Elections 2013 now open!

In General

Voting is now open in the 2013 Elections – which means that YOU have the chance to help decide how SUSU is run for the next year.

For the first time ever we’re electing the next team of Sabbatical Officers, Student Leaders, Trustees and Union Councillors at the same time – and you can vote for positions in the areas of SUSU that you care about. To help you do this, we’ve launched a new eChoice app which helps you to find candidates who have similar views to you – try it out on the website now.

How to voteRead the rest

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