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Introducing: Afterglow and Safe Dating

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Afterglow is a dating app with wellbeing and safety at the heart of it, created by University of Southampton students. Dating is a minefield of conventions, comedy and awkward encounters, but it can also be unsafe. Meeting someone we don’t know, of course is a risk. So, here are a few tips from the Afterglow team about safe dating!

If you or someone you know has encountered abuse, harassment or assault while at university, please contact the local authorities or use the SUSU Report and Support Tool. 

Tips on Safe Dating 


Meet in public for the first few … Read the rest

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Sounds of Summer: Surge BBQ Playlist Takeover

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Surge’s Station Manager, Toby Leveson, has taken over our blog to give you the tunes to accompany your summer BBQ. Here’s what he said…

If there’s one thing a British summer can guarantee, it’s a BBQ. And whether that BBQ is in the sun or in the rain, you’re going to need a playlist. So we’ve done the hard work for you and made you a playlist suited to all your BBQ needs.

That is what we do at Surge, the University of Southampton’s very own Student Radio Station. We entertain you, fill your ears with wide variety of music, … Read the rest

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Cyber-Bullying: What it is and how you can be supported

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What is it?

Cyber bullying is any sort of bullying which takes place online. This could be through social networking sites (such as Facebook), messaging apps or gaming sites. In a recent national bullying survey taken by Bullying UK, 56% of young adults said that had witnessed other people being bullied online, with 42% saying they felt unsafe online.

Examples of Cyber Bullying:

Cyber bullying could appear in a number of different forms and could affect different people in different ways. This could be by spreading rumours or presenting threatening behaviour. Many forms of Cyber Bullying may also be illegal. … Read the rest

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Union Council tonight – Take a first look at the ideas for the new SUSU brand

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Here at the Students’ Union, we’re completely student-led. Everything we do, every change that gets made, happens because of you. And Union Council is where the magic happens.

Tonight – Take a first look at the ideas for the new SUSU brand

Union Council is the highest decision-making body of the Union – and the next one is tonight at 6pm in the Senate Room, Building 37. Anyone can come along, so why not come and see for yourself what your Union is up to right now, including taking a first look at the ideas for the new SUSU brand.… Read the rest

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Grad Ball: It’s in your hands!

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For many of you, graduation is on the horizon – and some of you have already celebrated the end of your University careers at the graduation ceremonies in December.

This can mean only one thing: Grad Ball is coming! And as you know, we’ve been asking you how you want to mark the occasion to make sure it’s a night to remember.

Many of you took part in Tap Choose Change last year to decide between a Summer or Grad Ball and, after confirming that Grad Ball was here to stay, you’ve been letting us know how you want to … Read the rest

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Should the Hartley Library be open 24 hours a day, all-year round? – YOU Decide!

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Approved at Union Council last Monday, we will be holding a referendum on Friday 30th October for students to decide whether they want the Hartley Library at Highfield campus to be open 24 hours a day, year-round.

In response to the increased student intake and in order to ‘reduce library overcrowding’, the University has planned to begin 24-hour opening of the Hartley Library from 2 November 2015 to 5 June 2016. The referendum is a response to the lack of student consultation carried about by the University. The last student consultation on a 24-hour library was run in 2013, when … Read the rest

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