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VP Student Communities: Postgraduate Experience

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Hello! My name is Emily Harrison and I am your VP Student Communities for 2018/19.

As part of my role, I oversee the representation and support of Postgraduate students. However, I do not do this alone! We also have elected PGR reps and a Postgraduate Committee who help provide feedback about what students want and help to deliver PG events and activities.

This blog post is intended to be a bit of an update as to my current progress on a few projects, and what you can expect to see from the Students’ Union in the next few months.

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The Bridge: An Update

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Hello everyone! Samuel Dedman here, your Vice-President Education for 2017/18. Part of my role concerns itself with study spaces around our campuses, and it is off the back of that that I come to you with an update about The Bridge. This has been an area of some debate over the past year, and so I’m here with what I believe is a solution which benefits everyone.

As VP Education I’m keen to see as much study space as possible made available around our campuses, and indeed within our own Union buildings. First and foremost, The Bridge is our … Read the rest

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How to Survive Studying over the Holidays

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With deadlines on the horizon, our Marketing and Communications crew member, Guillemette, talks about how to survive studying over the holidays…

Warm houses, bright lights and more food than a famished student could dream of; who doesn’t love Christmas? After a first semester made long by the absence of a half term, we are all looking forward to rushing back to home and its comforts.

But a cloud darkens the Christmas lights: exams and deadlines. Lecturers seem to forget that holidays are for relaxing and have laden you with coursework as well as the threat of January exams or deadlines … Read the rest

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Postgraduate Guest Blog: Life as a Postgraduate Student Parent

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We caught up with Kirsty Bolton, a Postgraduate student studying a PhD in Medieval Literature, to talk about her life as a Student Parent at the University of Southampton. Here’s what she said:

My daughter’s Pre-School teacher pulled me aside at collection time the other day to tell me that they had been talking about what jobs the children’s parents do.  “She told us that you go to university to read and study bugs?!”  Well, I don’t study bugs (I think that she meant books), but it makes me really happy to see how proud my daughter is of what … Read the rest

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