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How to Save Money in Southampton: Shopping/Food

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Welcome to the first in our series of three blogs about how you can save money in Southampton. We will cover penny pinching tips for shopping/food, saving energy around the house and saving cash on transport and nights out. If you’ve got any tips that you swear by to make that loan last longer, then please get in touch via our Twitter page @yoursusu.


There are a huge number of ways you can reduce your shopping bill. First of all go basics. Sainsbury’s covers almost all products and the difference in taste is negligible if any!

Branding is … Read the rest

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7 Supermarket Hacks for Students

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Eating healthily on a budget at university: the struggle is real. Did you know that on average you’ll spend around a fifth of your entire budget on food every year? Here are a few tips to keep your shopping expenses down without resorting to a diet of noodles and rainwater.

1. Don’t Shop Hungry

Let’s get the most obvious tip out of the way first because it’s probably the most common mistake made: don’t shop hungry. Doing your groceries on an empty stomach can tack up to 17% onto your final bill, and a lot of that will be junk … Read the rest

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