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University Mental Health Day: Q&A

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07 March was University Mental Health Day, an annual day that’s all about the power of using your voice.

As a Students’ Union, young people’s mental health and well being is so important to us. SUSU, as well as University of Southampton, have a number of services available to every student. For this University Mental Health Day we teamed up with Enabling Services to answer all your questions. Here’s what you asked 👇


Q: How do you book an appointment with the Enabling Services? Or is it drop-in the only option? 

A: You can call us … Read the rest

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#YouAreMoreThan: Exam tips from Emily

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This You Are More Than our Sabbs are bringing you some excellent top tips for exam season. Next up we have VP Communities Emily Harrison.Watch her exam tips video to learn how it’s done 👇🎬

First step for Emily is to get out all her highlighters and coloured pens. “When I would study I would get all the colours I could possibly get because I love to colour code.”

“I go through and highlight all of the useful information with different colours” says Emily “and then I will go through with revision cards and follow up on the colours.”

Although … Read the rest

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Living at home after university

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Whether you’ve finished for the summer or finished for good, living at home post University isn’t always the easiest experience. Here are our top tips on how to make the transition comfortable for both you and your parents.

Work through it

As tempting as it might be to hide away with a mountain of box sets, there’s nothing better for taking your mind off things than getting a job. Whether it’s a part-time job to put some extra cash in your pocket, work experience to further your career or even a spot of volunteering, it will keep you busy and … Read the rest

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Staying safe in the sun

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The holidays are finally here and no doubt many of you are planning to escape the British weather and catch some rays elsewhere. But while we all appreciate a good tan, far too many of us get caught out and end up looking, well, not so hot. So whether it’s home or abroad, here are our top tips on staying safe in the sun – so you won’t see red this summer.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is the sure-fire way to protect yourself from UV rays. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Make sure your sunscreen is not past its
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Waste not want not! The perils of best-before dates

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Let’s start off with some stats to surprise you:


  • 16% food we take home from a shop, we throw away.
  • Equates to £15 each week (average household).
  • 50% of total food wastage comes from our homes and 50% of our wastage is actually edible!


  • Huge environmental damages – the process of landfill degrades the land, pollutes with toxic gases and uses up scarce resources.


  • Waste reduction
  • Save money
  • Improved environmental conscience
  • If we ate all the wasted edible food, the environmental impact would be the same as taking a quarter of all cars off the road!
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