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Gain a Food and Hygiene Safety Certificate through SUSU

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From bake sales, to smoothie giveaways and event catering – you’ll need a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene certificate to make these events happen! The training will give you knowledge of how to make sure all food is safe, prepared correctly and stored correctly. This certificate can be achieved for FREE via the Union’s online learning platform.

To receive this certificate elsewhere, you would need to spend at least £20 per person. However, with our help, the training can be completed at no cost to you or to your society! We’ve recently helped over 50 student volunteers to gain … Read the rest

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Union staff to present training programme success at national conference

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Staff from our Learning and Development team have been invited to present their successful launch of the Union’s ‘A To B’ Project Management programme to the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC) at their annual national conference.

The conference, which will be held on Thursday 22 June in London, will host non-profit organisations from across the UK to network and share best practice.

CLC approached the Union to ask if our Learning and Development team could present a section of the conference to explain how they used the software to engage with staff on the course.

The team have been using the … Read the rest

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Union Southampton’s Ladies Football Club (SULFC) offers free football coaching for local schoolchildren

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We are delighted to announce that Ladies Football Club (SULFC) have begun to to deliver free football to local schoolchildren across Southampton.
The outreach programme is designed to encourage the club to expand their football provision internally and out to the community. Eleven members of SULFC are signed up to the programme, which is open to Key Stage 2 girls at three local Southampton Primary schools: Bassett Green, Bitterne Manor and Beechwood Junior. All sessions are free for students to attend and are run as after-school clubs.
British University Colleges & Sport (BUCS) and the Football Association (FA) funded £2,500 … Read the rest

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Rugby Football Club promote the Look After Your Mate campaign and show their softer side

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What would you think if we asked you – what are Rugby Football players like?

You might perhaps imagine 15 oversized, hairy and muddy men in the field of play? Do you hear their low grunts or maybe wince at the thought of bone crunching tackles? Does it conjure thoughts of wasted exertion in fruitless pursuit of an oval ball?

Well, if that is what you thought you couldn’t be more wrong.


Well, on an unprepossessing and grey day all the way back in December, men and women from our Rugby Football Club volunteered to pitch up on … Read the rest

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Society Spotlight: SUSUtv – What’s It All About?

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Our very own student-run television station, SUSUtv, got in touch with us to tell you all about their upcoming events to tell you more about how you can get involved this year. We caught up with SUSUtv‘s Head of Publicity, David Williams, to find out the latest…

SUSUtv is Union Southampton’s television station, and since I joined at the beginning of my first year, I’ve had the chance to learn skills in production, directing, editing and plenty more.

This week we’re holding our first two events of the academic year, which will give you a chance to … Read the rest

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Union Stars: Leading the Way

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There are countless staff here at SUSU, working constantly to serve you and behind the scenes and ensuring that your students’ union runs at its absolute best. These staff range from student staff on the bars right up to the Sabbatical Officers, as well as full-time staff in the offices.

To celebrate all the hard work they put in, SUSU rewards Union Stars – those who have gone above and beyond in achieving the best for the union and truly work towards our mission statement.

We are very pleased to announce that, from all the nominations submitted over the summer, … Read the rest

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10 questions with: VP Student Communities, Anjit Aulakh

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Today we’re talking to Anjit Aulakh as we continue our series introducing the new sabbatical officers for 2014-15. Anjit was elected as VP Student Communities in the June by-election following the resignation of former VP Student Communities Oli Coles. We caught up with Anjit to find out what he’s planning on doing in the role, and what he’d fill his dream sandwich with. Mmmm.


1. What do you have an irrational fear of?

Ketchup. I know it’s weird but I hate ketchup and I’m scared if someone spills some on me I will go bonkers.


2. What’s the … Read the rest

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