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What’s coming up in Stress Less Fest

In General

Stress Less Fest has already had an event-packed week, but our attempts to keep you free from stress throughout exam and hand-in season doesn’t end there. Over the next few weeks we’ve lined up a whole variety of events to look after your welfare! Make sure your attending the event for updates on what’s happening: https://www.facebook.com/events/823261811098262/

Continuing on from last week and running until 5 June, is the Safety Bus service, which you can catch from the Redbrick. They run throughout the night and take you straight home to your door, allowing you to work late on campus and still … Read the rest

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The Housing Fayre is set to return…

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Got your student house for next year sorted yet? No? That’s what we like to hear.

The truth is, no matter what letting agents might tell you, there’s really no need to rush in getting yourself sorted for a house for the year ahead. There’s no shortage of housing, so you’re better off getting settled and choosing your housemates wisely (trust us on that one) before rushing into a contract.

So, congrats if you’ve held off until now. If you think you might be ready, late January is a good time to start looking at what housing’s out there – … Read the rest

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