NHS funded degrees: response to consultation

» 28 April 2016 » No Comments

In the government’s Autumn budget proposed changes to NHS funded courses (e.g. nursing) were announced:- The grants that are currently provided to nursing students by the NHS are being taken away, and so nursing students will now pay for their courses via tuition fee loans, as with other students. For students who essentially work for the […]

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NUS, AGM & Grad Ball, oh my!

» 27 April 2016 » No Comments

Hey y’all. CONTENTS: 1. Grad Ball, 2. NUS Conference, 3. The AGM So, you may remember me from my blog called ‘Can I Have a Moment, before I go…’ which I wrote before I went for a few weeks for Easter. Now I’ve been back for a few weeks, And after my first 9 days back […]

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Global Athletes Project Launch

» 25 April 2016 » No Comments

This week marked the launch of the brand new Global Athletes Project, an exciting new scheme for sports clubs at the University.  This is a trial of the project before we join the nationwide competition that will take place over the next academic year. The project poses a series of challenges designed to allow teams to demonstrate […]

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Thinking about PGT study?

» 22 April 2016 » No Comments

As you may remember from government’s Autumn Budget and my blog from November, loans are going to be available for those starting a Postgraduate degree that’s taught. So, if you’re considering taking on a Masters degree here’s some information that might be of some help. We thought it’d be best to put all the information […]

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Student Groups Update: Here’s what you need to know…

» 22 April 2016 » No Comments

It’s that time of year where wizened old student group committees pass the mantle on to the spritely newly elected committees. It’s a bittersweet time for the old committees as they nervously hand over their hard work, and an exciting one for the eager newbies as they face a year of potential. So, if you’ve […]

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Mental Health Support in Southampton

» 21 April 2016 » No Comments

Mental Health support across the city is changing, and you get the chance to have your say. Hear about the changes and how students will be affected. The Southampton Integrated Commissioning Unit is a joint team for the Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group and Southampton City Council – responsible for identifying which services the people […]

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Join the team!

» 19 April 2016 » No Comments

If you want the chance to influence the way your course is run and make a big difference to your educational experience next academic year, nominate yourself to be an Academic Representative here before 12pm on Wednesday 4th May. There are four types of role up for grabs: Course Representative There is at least one in every year […]

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Visit our Pop Up Markets!

and » 19 April 2016 » No Comments

We’re excited to announce our first Pop Up markets, with student-run businesses and start ups selling their products! Earlier in the year we asked you how the Union could help you become more enterprising with your creativity, so we’ve set up our first Pop Up Markets in Southampton and Winchester. It’s all about helping students to develop […]

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It’s that time of year…again!

» 18 April 2016 » No Comments

Welcome back to the first day of Summer term! We all know that means: deadlines, revision, exams, dissertation, a whole load of stress and no space in the library 🙁 BUT never fear as these top tips and links should help you out just a little bit (apologies, we can’t do the work for you):- […]

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Student Media is Changing

» 15 April 2016 » No Comments

This year we’ve been working on a review of the Student Media departments here at SUSU, so we can assess how effectively they operate now, and what we can do to make them more enjoyable and better quality for volunteers and audience members alike. There’s never been a better year for us to take a […]

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