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Being a Sabb is a weird job – you’re not quite a student, but you kinda are, you pay council tax but still live with your Uni flatmates; damp and spiders, and on a Wednesday you still go out but now you have to get up to be in the office for 9 (OK 9.30). However, you couldn’t find me a better job in the world right now, besides maybe an astronaut that gets to be a beer taster in his spare time.

With pre-season now well underway, fixtures slowly starting and BUCS matches just around the corner the campus is buzzing with sporting action. This year was the biggest bunfight ever with all the improvements that the team made helping teams sign up freshers in their thousands. All there is now is to retain our impressive top 20 placing in BUCS this season and improve on it!

It’s been a hectic summer with plenty to get on with in the Athletic Union. We’ve managed to get Focus Sports off the ground which is slowly picking up speed and taking off into something that not even I could have imagined it would become. We’ve got forty athletes working hard on programs that we set them to take them to the next level of elite sport. At the other end of the spectrum we’re setting the wheels in motion to get a program together to get more people interested in sport here in Southampton, particularly from under-represented groups within the Athletic Union, and having people have more opportunities to try more non-traditional sports that can offer something new and exciting to athletes.

Other exciting things that have been going on are the plans for the Orange Rooms Southampton V Chichester Cup that was organized on the fly after we buried the Wahoo Cup because of poor communication from Solent University. This Athletic Union president believes that it was more the fact that “Sport” Solent feared the mighty Wessex and ran with their tails between their legs away from the thought of another humiliation at the hands of our sports men and women. (No actual ex-polytechnic university students were hurt in the process – just a slight bit of pride on their behalf) Plans for another decimation of Portsmouth University are also well underway with a late March Varsity event pencilled in.

Away from the playing fields I’ve been heavily involved with setting up and running the massive new night at the cube I Love College. It’s been a great first few weeks with a sell-out opening night and a great turn out in the second week. We’ve got so much more planned though for anyone venturing out on a Wednesday night: A ball pit party, big name appearances and an I Love College Tour 2010 taking off up Portswood high-street ending up with another huge night here at the Union! If you’re a member of a club or society you can double your fun with the Lash for Cash scheme with you earning money as you party. On any I Love College night when you buy a ticket, half is guaranteed to go to your chosen club or society on the night!

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  1. Teddy
    Adam Elkins
    09/10/2010 at 8:43 am Permalink

    If you think being an Astronaut who’s a beer taster in their spare time is cool, check out – they get to do both at the same time! 🙂



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