Students Love College

To be honest what is there not to love? We found two massive ball pits, filled them with slightly tipsy students and then played the sound system as loud as we could!

Wednesday night was easily one of the best that I’ve ever seen in the Cube – at last count we had 1,100 students through the doors all doubling their fun giving half their ticket price to their chosen club or society so that they can do so much more with their members. In pressing financial times the Athletic Union and societies budgets have felt the strain just as much as anyone else and with what we’ve been given it’s hard for us to free up the money for you guys to do everything that you want. The Lash4Cash scheme is just one of the many ways that your union is helping your club or society raise money this year.

Anyhow back to what a massive night I Love College was! After much debate and deliberation over the summer as a sabbatical team we decided that the Cube was the perfect space to do something amazing in on Wednesdays, and I Love College was born. Originally going to be once a month we decided that limiting the fun to one night in every 29 ½ days wasn’t really fair, and as last night proves that it’s something that we can put on week in week out. The ball pits were a huge attraction, the toilet paper was a laugh and the beer pong really topped the night off nicely, all that’s left to see is what we’ve got lined up next or you lucky lot. I’ll give you a little clue – imagine if we brought tour forward, but just a little bit, to give you a taste of what summer could be like.

It’s a sexy brand I Love College t-shirts seem to be the most sought after thing on campus at the moment next to the micro pigs we see all the celebs have with everyone cambering to get their hands on one at the free give away’ s. Never fear though we’re looking to up the quality and sell them at cost on the website so that those of you that aren’t on the dance floor when we pass them out can get your mitts on them – at the end of the say they’re less messy than a pig.

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One Comment on "Students Love College"

  1. Wow, what a night!

    I Love College was brilliant, a fantastic night and a fantastic effort by all to make it happen.

    The best thing about it is with over 1,100 people in the Venue, that is a guaranteed £1,100 that is going straight back to certain clubs & socs in the Lash4Cash scheme, with the ‘league tables’ of Lash4Cash soon to go up on the SUSU website, we can really see what clubs are benefitting so much from this scheme. I’m sure there will be a few twists and surprises to those clubs who are attending week in week out and are lashing for the most cash.

    The T- Shirts are also still going out like mad, being on the balcony every Wednesday and throwing some lucky students them is such a brilliant feeling, people are so excited for them, and we’ll be having plenty more to give out as Ted says!

    A brilliant night, and an alternative night to Twisted or any Cube event we have seen in years, I’m sure many students will continue their Love for College!

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