Chlamydia Testing Galore!!

This year I have launched a new sexual health campaign entitled ‘BEDUCATE YOURSELF’!!

Our first major event took place at Connaught Halls of Residence during freshers week with a neon themed bed party. We tested over 200 people for chlamydia out of just over 300 residents there!

They were asked to pee in a pot and write their name, date of birth and telephone number on a form and…..yes, thats all.

It’s amazing how little effort you have to put in to keep yourself sexually safe, and they didnt even do it for free! We gave out free Odeon cinema tickets, sperm keyrings and pants (more popular than you think with the boys that had probably run out of clean pairs 2 days prior). We also added to the neon theme with glowsticks as bracelets.

It was fantastic, everyone was super enthusiastic and we really kicked off our campaign / sexual crusade!

Look out for us all over the place, in halls, in your students’ union and who knows where else the journey will take us. As a quick update, over 248 people were chlamydia tested and all were reported negative by the powers at the NHS.

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