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Today I have been writing issue 5 of the International Newsletter. It is a new initiative for the year ensuring that International students are getting information on the union, the university and the city in a convenient and non colloquial way. The website is all well and good for English speakers, but sometimes it uses colloquial language that becomes difficult for alternative language speakers to understand!

This newsletter has been incredibly well recieved and is sent out to over 2000 students! Each week we have been asking for feedback in some competitions and have recieved emails from loads of students telling us about their first lecture experiences and the most important things they have learned so far.

The newsletter aims to act as a reminder for students to sign up to doctors etc, it deals with different phrases like what a ‘chap’ or a ‘chippie’ is, it also features key societies and introduces some of the people that they will be in contact with over their first year.It also details some of the upcoming events in an effort to integrate them with our social programme as well as listing some specific events of interest.

If anyone fancies taking a browse, check out the SUSU website as they are all listed under the International tab!

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2 Comments on "The International Newsletter"

  1. Emily
    19/10/2010 at 5:38 pm Permalink

    I managed to have a look through all the newsletters so far and they’re really great.

    Having worked on the international presessional students i know that this is a good way to make sure students know whats going on in the union, and a good way to learn how it works.

    Well done!

  2. Emily
    21/10/2010 at 2:30 pm Permalink

    Thanks Sam,

    I am glad that you think this is an effective mechanism of communicating with a specific cohort.

    I would love to hear more feedback from anyone who has seen the newsletters, it is open to development and its a great opportunity to hear what students think about the communication they recieve.


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