Here come the girls!!!

Today I went to a university working group that discussed the International Womens Day taking place on the 8th March.

I came up with a plan for SUSU which was to host a ladies night inviting local businesses, the community, students and staff  to get involved in a cultural celebration that explores art, products of businesses that were female initiatives as well as involving an education aspect plus much much more that you will see in the future!

I went to the university with my proposal as I thought it tied in nicely with all the events that they have planned. They allocated some of their budget to the project in order to provide some reusable educational boards that will engage attendees with the womens movement, its history and this would be with particular focus on Southampton.

It is mega exciting and has given me a project that I feel passionate about to work on over the next few months. Want to know what the best thing is?….The university are always fantastic about supporting our big ideas! They engage with us and support us and ensure that we dont lose steam along the way. I really enjoyed seeing what they had planned and recognising that SUSU was doing something unheard of to contribute to that grand plan of engagement with the womens movement.


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