Rag ShoeBox Challenge

If you are like me, you will always leave Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Stressed out on Christmas Eve, you will find trawling the shops for loving gifts an absolutely miserable task that literally ruins christmas on an annual basis.

But this morning, I got the first taste of Christmas and the warm glow that all organised people must get when they have their presents wrapped and ready by March!

RAG left some shoeboxes in the sabbatical office with a note indicating that they needed to be filled…or else! So, the sabbs are undertaking a challenge today to get those boxes filled with super goodies for children in different countries who often can not afford the lavish christmasses that so many of us will have grown up with. It is an absolutely fantastic cause and I am sure that you will have encountered this kind of scheme in your schools.

I raced around this morning (because of course we added some kind of competitive element to the task) to attempt to beat the other sabbs to the best little gifts all over the SUSU building.

So, now I am surrounded in my office by hairbands, barbie dolls, glitter glue, felt tip pens, my little ponies and king kong too!! It took me by suprise that we had so much lying around the building that could go to this fantastic cause. There will literally be nothing left for the other sabbs….I speak with glee at having won this challenge.

However, bringing it back to the issue at hand….I may not have my parents presents sorted and I may leave it to the last minute, but I have had that glow this morning that we are getting organised for RAG, and that at least some people will recieve presents from the sabbs this christmas (at this rate we are so busy our families can kiss goodbye to any kind of thought haha!)

So get hunting and pop to the shops, it doesnt take much! Bring it into susu and we will make sure that they get to a great destination.

Happy Christmas INDEED!

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