RAG’s first Raid of the year… total now in!

This Saturday the RAG team braved the risky weather for a day in Southampton town centre collecting for the children’s charity Barnardos, our first of this academic year. These collections are, for unknown reasons, referred to as ‘RAG Raids’. I quite like this name as it makes the whole endeavor sound quite exotic, almost piratical.

Basically charities contact us offering collection permits for various cities on different days. We then choose which we want to do and, come rain or shine, we will be in said city on said day with our buckets and a smile! This time we were lucky, and the rain held off for most of the day (although we sometimes find collecting in the pouring rain gets more sympathy donations!).

The day was a resounding success, with the good people of Southampton in a particularly benevolent frame of mind. One of our collectors was lucky enough to meet a man who had actually grown up in a Barnardos home. These encounters with the people who are helped by the charities we fund raise for are always a highlight of raids. Other highlights this weekend included a particularly friendly Big Issue vendor who donated 50p- in contrast to the often quite territorial vendors, and the reactions of children to a cartoon-style rabbit suit sported by one RAG Street Team member!

Once the day is over all the buckets, now heavy with change (and a few notes), are returned to my car ready to be delivered to the union for counting. Our trusty treasurer then braves the buckets, armed with her counting machine, and settles in for a good bit of treasuring (again sounds a bit piratical).

And now the bit you’ve all been waiting for… just how much treasure did we raid?

I can reveal that SUSU RAG’s first Raid of 2010/11 raised a whopping £707.40!!

Massive thank you to everyone who came along and made this happen!

If you fancy a bit of raiding yourself then search ‘SUSU RAG Street Team’ on facebook to get all the updates. Our next dalliance with the goodwill of the general public will be in London on the 27th, raiding with RAGs from across the country for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

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