Today on Campus – The National Demo, Cuts & 9K…No way!

Well it has possibly been one of the busiest days I’ve experienced as Union President, the Exec and I have been out on campus all day talking to students about the situation for Higher Education currently; getting the message out there that SUSU opposes any rise in tuition fees. We were banner making, getting people to sign up to the Demo (of which numbers doubled in less than an hour for!) and taking photos of students who believed that paying £9,000 tuition fee’s would be too much for them.

I was encouraged and feeling extremely optimistic, some students were unaware of the current situation or were a little apathetic, but so many could not get away, grapping the pens off the officers to sign the big SUSU banner (which we will certainly show proudly in London next week). Many students even stayed around and helped us paint our messages, which was amazing to see.

It’s a very complex situation we find ourselves in, and for me personally, it all starts with the politics. I’ve blogged my feelings on the whole Lib/Lie Dem fiasco, and for me that is a worthy enough cause for students to be angry and encouraged to take action against the Government.We need the march on London next Wednesday, along with our petition to local MP’s and people writing to their MP telling them exactly what they think; to convince the Government that they need to go away and think about the system for Higher Education funding again. A complete withdrawal of public funding is wrong in my opinion, especially after the complete U turn in manifesto pledges by the Lie Democrats.

You can view the photos of today’s students sending their message out here. Today was a great day, and it was nice to see campus lively with so many people engaging in an issue that really does affect them, it affects the students of tomorrow, their younger sisters and brothers; it is so important that we stand up for them and that SUSU follows its mandate.

I have also been around halls tonight, up Chamberlain & Glen Eyre to get students to sign a petition against the savage HE funding cuts and a potential rise in fees, it was great to see so many students actively asking questions about the current topic and wanting to voice their opinion on the issue.

Next week will be so critical to the future of Higher Education and there is still so much to play for. It is important that students voice their concern now and you can still do the following things –

Write to your local MP

Fill in SUSU’s HE funding survey

Sign up for the National Demo next Wednesday

Now is the time to make your opinion heard, make sure it counts and make some noise on what is currently happening!

Best wishes,

Billy FitzJohn

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