Are you up for a challenge?

How many of these things have you done?

Jumped out of a plane, run 10km, been down a cave, cycled from London to Paris, trekked to Machu Picchu, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, trekked to Everest Base Camp, the Three Peaks Challenge, driven to Bratislava, trekked the Great Wall of China.

I can tick three boxes (10km, caving and Kilimanjaro) but pretty much all the others are on the ‘do before I die list’. How about you? Reckon you could hack Kili better than Cheryl Cole and Chris Moyles? Terrified of heights and want to confront that fear?

Don’t put it off!

I’m planning on doing the ‘Bratislava or Bust’ challenge as a post-graduation celebration with some course mates. This challenge entails purchasing a car that either costs less than £250 or is older than the oldest group member (22 in our case). You then pimp it out and drive to Bratislava, completing a variety of top-secret challenges (handed to you each day in an envelope by a man in a white coat) en-route to win prize money. To be honest we had to google where Bratislava is (Slovakia, next to Czech Rep and Austria), and we are definitely suffering from some sort of Top Gear delusion. There is a prize awarded for the ‘least likely to make it’, which I think we will be in the running for simply because I don’t know how to check the oil or change a tyre.

Whatever happens it will undoubtedly be an adventure, and even if we don’t make it to Bratislava, I’m sure we will have some lasting memories to finish uni with.

If you fancy joining us in this ridiculous venture, or fancy having a go at throwing yourself out of an airplane, or reaching the tallest point in Africa, or confronting a fear of small spaces or cyling lycra then SUSU RAG can help you do just that!

SUSU RAG is running a ‘Choose a Challenge’ afternoon on 17th November in the Bridge Bar from 2pm. All the above challenges will be on offer, and all of them will be raising money for charity. This means that as well as the challenge of a life time, you will be helping a good cause, and it is one of the cheapest ways out there of doing these amazing things! Yes you will probably need to do a bit of fund raising, but we are experts in that and here to help you. Plus raising the money is half the challenge, and half the fun.

Now is the time. When we graduate we will be on the dole or busy working, make the most of our excessive holidays and do something to tell the grandkids about!

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