SUSU knows how to look good naked!

I’ve just come from a very exciting meeting… about this years RAG Naked Calendar!

It was decided that we will stick with last years format of a reversible calendar with 12-months male and 12-months female, so there’s something for everyone! It was also decided that we would offer the opportunity to both clubs and societies to get involed.

The most worrying decision of all though, was for the RAG committee to fill the centrefold. So I guess tomorrow I hit the gym!

The RAG Calendar is a fantastic fun, and something that many universities across the country do each year. At my brother’s med school the photographer just shows up at a rugby training session and gets the boys to strip off in the middle of the park! Here at SUSU we like to be a bit more civilised about such things, and will have a proper photo shoot set up, to make sure we get everyones best angle. The finished product will be tasteful and fun, a great christmas prezzie for your Nan or a chance to show mates from other Unis that we can do it better!

If your club or society wants to get involved in creating something to show just how good SUSU looks naked (all for charity of course) then email by Wed 17th November.

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