Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week! (15th-19th November).

We are asking both staff and students to show their support of this great cause by buying our beatbullying woven wristbands for £1. If you can’t see us out and about on campus then come on down to the sabbatical office and I will sell them from there too!

Check out the Bridge Bar, we commissioned an art display from Winchester students who took on the theme of abuse and bullying in a superbly colourful way. Pop in for a coffee amidst our display and have a little think about what the art means to you in relation to our cause.It will be there until Thursday!

Today at 4pm we are showing the film Kidulthood….FOR FREE! This is a fantastic film that explores gang violence and peer pressure so bring your friends and chill out in the cinema.

Wednesday will be a day of BLUE. Staff and students are encouraged to wear blue for the day in a solid demonstration of our attitude towards bullying. Dig out that beautiful blue t shirt or jumper in this cold weather!

Bullying is something that affects so many people in so many different ways. Particularly prevalent at the moment is cyber bullying which is ever developing as we become a more tech savvy age. This is something that will affect you, your family, your friends and your lecturers/ university staff so please be vigilant and report anything that concerns you to the students’ union.

The students’ union is absolutely committed to supporting the anti-bullying movement. I hope that you enjoy the events we are putting on this week and reciprocate our commitment with your own.

Emily x

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