Union Council 25/10/10 Sabb Reports: Emily Rees VP Welfare and Societies

Wow it has been a busy 4 months!

I am learning so many different things and one of those is that my manifesto is more than achievable and as such, I have created some new goals and fleshed my aims out so much more. It is really great to set yourself measurable and achievable targets and it will help you guys ensure that I am doing what I was elected to do!

One of my manifesto aims was to ensure that union support services were well promoted and that they were relevant to the student need. As such, we have made SUAIC a lot more accessible by creating plans for it to go digital! It is now on Facebook so that generic queries can be addressed before the appointment stage. We are working on plans to ensure that SUAIC becomes more accessible and interactive to ensure that our support is extended to all students regardless of how stretched we are for appointment times.

With the societies department, we have been much more economical with budgets so that societies can apply to societies committee for more money and that we know where the money is going. The aim was to ensure that we are not the sole source of income for societies and that they are encouraged to look for other means of financial support as well as being creative to inspire their membership.

We are also creating a system of clubs and societies up at Winchester and therefore needed to ensure that the societies budget could support the development of this. I am really looking forward to seeing what the students at Winchester want to get involved in and this is the perfect time to work on this with the appointment of our new student activities manager Jenna.

Campaigns: This year I have launched Beducate Yourself, a new sexual health campaign that we are making as mobile as possible. We have already been extending into the halls of residence and are looking to create an even bigger presence in the very near future so look out for all of that!
Interfaith Week is coming up with all of the religious societies participating in a week of education around all the different faith groups. Planned so far is a debate, a faith walk around the religious buildings of Southampton, a film and a discussion and info zone!
Anti-Bullying Week 15th-19th November!

I am trying to recruit a welfare street team dedicated to spreading the message of the number of campaigns coming up. Please email me if you are interested or if you have a group of friends you can coerce into helping out! I promise it will be incredibly rewarding, you will make new friends, do wild and crazy things and best of all…you will be helping me to create a new level of student ownership over campaigns…they are for you and should be run by you! I love new and creative ideas too so please get in touch if you love innovation!

I have been working on more support for international students. We had a fantastic pre sessional programme and will be building on the feedback report to ensure that we provide a similar level of support next year. I have been organising an international newsletter and we are on our 5th issue. We have had lots of feedback from students engaging with the newsletter and relaying their experiences of life here at Southampton. I have also worked on a programme of events throughout the first semester aimed at supporting the students who have questions and want to get them answered.

RAG Strategy giving them direction and purpose; the new purpose is ‘raising an inspired community to give’. This gives us a 5 year direction and will help us to know what we are aiming for; making us comparable with some of the best RAGs in the country….definitely something that is attainable!

Shhh campaign encouraging respectful and responsible journeys home so that we are aware of the fact that we are part of a big student and resident based community.
Housing Campaign: Letter going out in November detailing the housing week agenda and schedule!

I am really looking forward to the year ahead as I know that we can achieve so much with student support.

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