Fancy the opportunity of a lifetime?

It is Union Council on Monday at 5pm! This is a massivley important session that will influence the direction of our Sabbatical Team and how we represent our students.

As VP Welfare and Societies, there have been highs and there have been lows but there has never been an opportunity like it. I would urge anybody with passion, enthusiasm and dreams of improving student experience to run for a sabbatical position.
On Friday night at the RAG ball, I found myself surrounded by so many talented students and I wondered where SUSU would be if we lost that ambition, if we lost those people who go above and beyond the conventional ‘student path’ to make change happen for the students of the future.
I have also been privileged to view the student movement pulling together for the last month to protest against tuition fees rising. Students are often described as apathetic, but this issue showed the average student that the challenges we face in the future of higher education are not average.
The people we need to lead our student union through the challenges of the future MUST NOT be average.

I was inspired, and am daily impressed by what students can accomplish. I want those of you out there who feel the same way to run as a sabbatical officer in the new year.
Do not enter this lightly, it is not an easy job. Representing 24,000 students and developing a £6million business is not a walk in the park…but if you are up for the challenge, its the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you are even contemplating running for an officer position, you will probably feel fear, you will doubt your abilities, you will compare the people you have heard will be running against you, you will wonder whether your friends will support you, you will wonder whether you have the time.
Talk to me, find me, email me, grab me on the street to have a chat….DO NOT LET ANYTHING PUT YOU OFF. All you need is a dream of a better student union, a passion for engaging students in the most difficult time for students there has ever been.

I am determined not to let the next SUSU leader walk by me unnoticed.

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