The Solution to your resolution!

Christmas is always a dangerous time for those watching their waist line. It becomes a period where it is very easy to take your eye off the ball and let the season of excess get out of hand. I am in no way advocating that those of you who are planning a spell of debauchery are to cancel it – I’m keen to make the most of the Christmas spirit and enjoy lashings of mince pies, stuffing and Christmas pudding.

Though once the dust has settled, the cracker wrappings are in the bin and you finally realize that you’re wearing a paper crown on your head as you nap in front of the queens speech let’s get back to thinking about the season a-head.

Whether you’re thinking about your summer’s bikini body, dropping a few pounds for some new jeans or looking for increased athletic performance for your return to the court, pitch or pool SUSU is here to help with the Kick the Habit campaign that will be running from when we all get back.

Designed to be the “solution to your resolution” we’re going to be on hand to make sure that you’re sticking to your pledge (Some Liberal Democrat MPs could learn a thing or two from the program) we’re going to be arming you with tools to ensure that nothing gets in your way from achieving what you set out to do – some will power will be required.

Just a few tips for making sure that you’re sticking to your undertaking from midnight on the 1st

1. Be realistic
The surest way to fall short of your goal is to make your goal unattainable. For instance, resolving to never eat your favourite food again because it bothers your IBD could be a bad choice. Strive for a goal that is attainable, such as avoiding it more often than you do now.

2. Plan ahead
Don’t make your resolution on New Year’s Eve. If you wait until the last minute, it will be based on your mind-set that particular day. Instead, it should be planned well before December 31 arrives.

3. Outline your plan
Decide how you will deal with the temptation to skip that exercise class or have one more cigarette. This could include calling on a friend for help, practicing positive thinking and self-talk, or reminding yourself how your bad habit affects your IBD.

4. Make a “pro” and “con” list
It may help to see a list of items on paper to keep your motivation strong. Develop this list over time, and ask others to contribute to it. Keep your list with you and refer to it when you need help keeping your resolve.

5. Talk about it
Don’t keep your resolution a secret. Tell friends and family members who will be there to support your resolve to change yourself for the better or improve your health. The best case scenario is to find yourself a buddy who shares your New Year’s resolution and motivate each other.

6. Reward yourself
This doesn’t mean that you can eat an entire box of chocolates if your resolution is to diet. Instead, celebrate your success by treating yourself to something that you enjoy that does not contradict your resolution. If you’ve been sticking to your promise to eat better, for example, perhaps your reward could be going to a movie with a friend.

7. Track your progress
Keep track of each small success you make toward reaching your larger goal. Short-term goals are easier to keep, and small accomplishments will help keep you motivated. Instead of focusing on losing 30 pounds, say, focus on losing that first 5. Keeping a food diary or a symptom journal may help you stay on track.

8. Don’t beat yourself up
Obsessing over the occasional slip won’t help you achieve your goal. Do the best you can each day, and take each day one at a time.

9. Stick to it
Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity, such as exercising, to become a habit, and 6 months for it to become part of your personality. Your new healthful habits will become second-nature in no time.

10. Keep trying
If your resolution has totally run out of steam by mid-February, don’t despair. Start over again! There’s no reason you can’t make a “New Year’s resolution” any time of year.

For those of you specifically looking a dropping a few pounds or bulking up there are a few interesting sites that you might be interested in:
A great blog from a strength and conditioning coaching from London who has some great and inspirational transformation stories (though these are to be taken with a slight pinch of salt – these people are paying up to £5000 for the pleasure of training with Nick Mitchell – most of you will only have a gym membership and the desire to transform your body, but some would argue that, that’s all you need!)
If there was ever a God of strength and conditioning Charles Poliquin would be it. The site has interesting articles and an entire product range of supplements that will help your goals no end.
For those of you serious about putting on size – this website has some great articles about training and nutrition. Written by athletes serious about working out, for athletes serious about working out!

The sports performance centre of choice for the Athletic Union – the focus sports athletes train here and have seen some amazing results in only a short space of time. If you’re serious about seeing gains (or losses) then this is the place for you! Check out the website and then follow up with a visit to the facility where you can have a full consultation with one of the strength and conditioning specialists where they’ll talk through your program.

The Kick the Habit campaign will run the first week that we get back and will be on hand to help you with any new year’s resolution from giving up smoking to cutting down on your drinking!

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