Get into Craft not Credit.

Christmas is an expensive time for students. Presents to show how much you have missed your lovely family members since being away from them are of course deemed as obligatory if you ever want them to remember you!
But many of you will get into debt over the stress of trying to find the ideal gift. You are spending loans and paying for gifts on credit….next term will be ok, supernoodles are cheap right?

Well I have a blog that is about to inform you of a new way of telling your family and friends how much they mean to you without you having to go through a period of starvation when you return in the spring!

My parents have always told me that the most meaningful gifts are the ones that you put your time and efforts into! And this is the first year that I will choose to believe them…the pennies aren’t giving me much choice.

These websites are really useful and provide some great christmassy ideas for gifts:

Why not bake some cookies for mum? Recipes are all over the internet to make some special and yummy treats to ensure that family members overindulge this year and don’t make you feel so guilty!

Some of the craft ideas are fantastic and hey, if you get really into them, you could find that you have a new hobby on your hands!
Knitting, Origami, Jewellry Craft and so much more can be really rewarding and satisfying once you have finished.

If you are the next budding Picasso (or WSA student), why not create an arty picture for your sister to hang in her newly decorated bedroom? Or a portrait of yourself to remind your mum to give you a phone call every now and then?

You could write a story book for your little baby neice or nephew? Add a few colourful pictures and be glad that they can’t read your scruffy handwriting!

I guess what I am trying to say is that money is definitely not everything. A heartfelt gesture or small token of your appreciation is all that is needed! They may sound cheesy but on the day, they will be the gift that stands out amongst the over wrapped, over sparkly masses stuffed under the christmas tree!

I hope that I have encouraged you to explore your creative side with at least one of your presents this year….saves you having to borrow your housemates toothpaste because you cant afford your own!

Get into the crafty side of christmas rather than the credit. Lets face it, your family wont forget you because you didnt buy your brother a playstation, they are far more likely to forget you if you haven’t called in a while….maybe get on that phone to mum before you go home from uni to remind her you need picking up!

Merry Christmas from the Money Doctors at Southampton Uni and Students’ Union!

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