I am literally fed up of hearing about people on unhealthy diets!!

Its a new year…and for many people that means it is a brand new start, a brand new lifestyle, a brand new outlook on life.

It is day 11 in the new year and I do not know a single person who is not frantically trying to change something about their life in an overdramatic way.
I have heard about diets that involve cutting out pretty much everything that could enter the human body and quite frankly I am extremely concerned.

Yes, being healthy is necessary and amazing: but there is being healthy and then there is the crash diet that is a detriment to the health of the participant.

I really want to urge people to get healthy sensibly. Diets should be part of a balanced routine and not just a method of losing weight quickly. To become healthy requires a balanced change of lifestyle including exercise – for the long term – rather than a month long starvation.
During the examination period, students need to be thinking about eating sensibly and regularly….brain food is not a term for nothing! Exercise is a great opportunity for a break from the slog of work rather than a lack of food. Rob has written a great blog to get you through tough study times ahead:

So yes, it is a new year. But the new you does not need to come at the cost of a decent meal required to survive.

Rant over.


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