Executive Review – What next?

After the last Union Council, the decision was made to delay the process of replacing the current Executive team with the make-up of student leaders to ensure full consultation and student involvement took place, and that every issue was fully debated and discussed before Council gave its approval.

Since then we have gone away to ensure a process has now been set up to consult all student groups and that you get a chance to have a firm say on the review. Amongst all of this consultation, it is important to keep one central point for all of the information and input to go, and that is where this blog play a crucial role. Whilst reviewing the Executive structure, we also want to look at the role and structure of Union Council, with a proposal to change it for next year.

Below you will see links to other areas of my blog that discuss certain elements of the student leader proposal; these are in separate places to ensure we have clear and accessible process.

You can also make sure you engage actively in the debate with the following –

This Thursday 17th February – Open forum meeting – Meeting room 2 at the Union – 4pm – 6 pm

Ensuring the matter is discussed at your Standing Committee – It should be on the agenda for all of your committees but do make sure your committee has a conversation on the matter and feeds back where necessary

Feburary 24th – March 3rd – Open Box for comments to be on Union Concourse during elections week

Monday 14th March – Union Council to debate final proposal for Exec Review and the new structure of the Union Council

Please make sure that you have YOUR say on the change of structure to your Union. All of the information put on these blogs is there to encourage thought, debate and dicussion on the issue. The Executive team will follow comments and debates closely and will take them board when making their decisions on the review.

What makes a Student Leader?

What is the job of a Student Leader?

Which Student Leaders work with which Sabb?

How can we elect any of our Officers?

Union Council Review – What’s it all about?

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One Comment on "Executive Review – What next?"

  1. Billy
    Matt Quinn
    18/02/2011 at 3:05 pm Permalink

    Hey Billy,

    A couple points.
    I guess my first one would be, why do we need the new structure? I am sure you’ve answered it somewhere but I can’t find it.

    In harmonising roles to a Student Leader level, its obvious that differences in beliefs on constituencies have come to light (e.g. media dept’s). I think however that a greater issue may be at hand. By moving them out of their established and natural process onto a higher platform it will discourage candidates and voters to get involved (if all are cross campus).

    Last year all of the execs ran uncontested at this level, and there were a lot less than the number of student leaders. Furthermore, many school president positions are either currently empty, filled by uncontested candidates or elected under less than 50 votes (Civ Eng had 18).

    Maybe the constituencies of each role need to be identified and focussed on, as it will not alienate eligible candidates and will promote better competition for each place.


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