Executive Role Review: What makes a Student Leader?

In creating the new Officer Student Leader, the review team considered that there were a lot of different types of activity within the Union which required different types of leadership.  Mostly these roles were being carried out by Executive Officers and Admin Officers.  Occasionally Sabbaticals fulfil that role and sometimes no-one.

Having removed the trustee responsibility from Executive Officers, it became clear that their role was very similar to Admin Officers.  So the new term was born.

So what makes a Student Leader?

A strong mix of the following (though not all)

  1. They have Budget responsibility
  2. They lead a Standing Committee
  3. They form a team with others to deliver the work of a Sabbatical
  4. Their role is demanding, so requires support and status.
  5. Their area is of critical importance to the Union
  6. Their area is high risk for the Union

Is there anything else you think is missing? Are you a current Admin or Exec Officer and is there anything you feel that has not been included? Is there anything you feel is too much responsibility, or too little responsibility? Give us your thoughts!

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