SUAIC Agony Aunt

Dear Aunty SU


The Students Union keep telling us not to panic and to wait until after the exams to find a house. But the thing is, my friends are already looking and if I don’t sign up I’ll be left on my own! What should I do?


A Worried Student


Dear Worried Student

Nobble my knitting needles, what a conundrum! Do you take the fine advice from experienced professionals and risk being left alone or do you stick with your friends and sign for a potentially low standard, overpriced house?

Here’s what I say – talk to your friends, get them to look at my top links, and make a decision as a group. Let’s face it if you can’t agree on this one then you’re going to have a tough time working out who’s turn it is to wash up!

If you go ahead with the house hunting then promise me this – pop and see us at SUAIC BEFORE you sign your contract. We’ll tell you what we know about the landlord or agent, check your contract and make sure you know our rights. We’ll also be here to help if things go wrong when you finally move in next year (we won’t even say I told you so!).

Lots of love from

Aunty SU

Aunty SU’s top links – Students Union/University Housing Guide – University/City Council Accreditation Scheme – Students’ Union Advice & Information Centre – University Accommodation Service information.

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