SUAIC Agony Aunt

Dear Aunty Su

How do we know whether we can trust our landlord? He seems ok but what if he screws us over?

Worried Students

Dear worried students

Well, I’m glad you’re worried – like a new boyfriend your landlord is going to be a big part of your life – choose wisely and if you’ve already chosen then tread carefully. Landlords, like most people come in all shapes and sizes. Some are lovely, some are ‘orrible but all of them want your money!

Does your landlord seem great? Do they fill your fridge with beer when you move in?

Or do they seem a bit dodgy or pushy? Have they already charged you unfair fees and made false promises?

Either way, worried students, my advice is the same –

Take this relationship seriously. This means getting your contract checked, get any promises in writing, make a list of everything and its condition when you move in (an inventory) and take photos. Read our Housing Guide and know your rights. Treat the house with respect, be polite and courteous to the landlord no matter how they treat you.

Good luck and do come to see us for a chat in SUAIC if you have any problems.

Lots of love

Aunty SU x

Aunty SU’s top links – Students Union/University Housing Guide – University/City Council Accreditation Scheme – Students’ Union Advice & Information Centre – University Accommodation Service information. -Online advice from the leading Housing Charity – Information about Protecting your Deposit

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