Exec Review: Final Proposal to come to Monday’s Council

This Saturday, the Exec team sat down post Elections to discuss the motion to take to council regarding Student Leaders.

We took comments from the box placed on the concourse, from the open forum, from the last Union Council, and from discussions at each standing committee. Armed with this information, there was a clear trend developing for how and when Student Leaders ought to be elected. With the exception of the Media Departments and Union Films, there was broad consensus that members believe their Student Leader should be elected by cross campus ballot and that anybody should be eligible to stand. This led us to ask some serious questions about the make up of Union Council.

Union Council is the representative body of all students, and thus it was argued that all students ought to have a say in who sits on that council, thus making all councillors accountable to all students, in the same way that the Sabbaticals and trustees are. We agreed that given how we had agreed Student Leaders should be elected, and given the fact that we were recognising these Student Leaders as important to the Union, that these people should make up part of Union Council. To make up the rest of Union Council, we agreed that all Sabbaticals should remain sat on Union Council, that the two Trustees with portfolio (Environment and Ethics Officer and Equality and Diversity Officer) should sit on Council too, making 36 Councillors.

Furthermore, we agreed that there should be an equal number of positions to these for other students to sit on council. We are thus proposing to elect a further 36 students, reflecting the make up of the Student Body to be what would formerly have been known as a Union Council Ordinary Member.

It is fundamentally believed by the Exec team that those who sit on council should be put there by all students, thus the Heads of the Media Departments and Union Films have both been treated in the same manner as the rest of the Student Leaders: any student can run, and any student can vote, with a position on council for each department, The Edge, Union Films, Wessex Scene, SUSUtv, Surge Radio.

I will be discussing the proposal further with the Media Departments and Union Films before Monday’s council to determine if this is the best option for them, or whether the position on council and thus the requirement to be elected by the entire student body is important to them.

There are some other key changes in the two motions going to Union Council. Firstly, that the Union Council will be renamed to Student Council, to better reflect the student focus that Council should always have.

Secondly, we have noted that the Student Leaders will be elected this term, before the Easter holidays. So if you are thinking about running for one of these part-time, voluntary positions, now is the time to start thinking that bit harder! To see the full break down of the student leader positions click here and look at page 4: or feel free to e-mail if you want to find out more about any of the positions. They will be extremely exciting!

Finall, we have changed halls of residence Officer back to JCR Officer and Athletic Union Clubs Officer back to simply Athletic Union Officer as per the current Exec structure. This was due to well reasoned demand from the students involved.

To see the two motions going to council, click here (Student Leaders Elections):

Union Council makeup:

If you have an opinion, please comment below or come to talk to us in the Sabb Office on level 2 of the main Union Building (bldg 42) or come to Council on Monday. Council will be at 5pm in the Senate Room over in the Student Services building (bldg 37)

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2 Comments on "Exec Review: Final Proposal to come to Monday’s Council"

  1. Charlotte
    13/03/2011 at 7:03 am Permalink

    Why are the media heads whose respective outlets should be holding council to account via their journalistic content sitting on council?

    Why would you consider electing someone into a job which does not serve a representational role but a role as a manager of a service? Do you elect the manager of your shop? What about your designers?

  2. Charlotte
    David Gilani
    15/03/2011 at 6:46 pm Permalink

    “Union Council is the representative body of all students”

    This does NOT mean that every member of Union Council is representative of all students. This means that collectively Union Council represents all students.

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