Earthquake in Japan

Students at Southampton University will be aware of the recent earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks which have had such a devastating impact on the north-east of Japan.

Southampton University Students’ Union recognise that you may have been affected by these events either directly, or indirectly. 

The Students’ Union would like to remind students who may have been affected that they can access a range of support services.

The Students Union Advice & Information Centre (SUAIC) provides free, confidential and independent advice.

Any student in need of help and advice can make an appointment with a SUAIC adviser to discuss your individual case and to ascertain what support you need and what support the University can provide. We can also refer you to departments within the University such as First Support and the Counselling Service where necessary.

Contact details for the Student Advice & Information Centre can be found at:            

Details of the University’s First Support Team, dedicated to being the first point of contact and supporting students during times of crisis, can be found here:

Information on the University Counselling Service is available here:

For the latest news on the situation in Japan – students are advised to contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website: or call 020 7008 0000. You can follow the up-to-date information on:

The Students’ Union is in contact with the University, and will provide you with information on further support as it becomes available.

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