Get involved in an exciting opportunity at SUSU – Become a Student Leader!

After Union Council endorsement earlier this week, the Executive Review has now come to a close and the new exciting team of Student Leaders are ready to be elected.

Some of the Student Leaders will now be elected before Easter – With every student having the opportunity to vote on the positions. One of the biggest steers to come from Council was that these elections should not be of similar magnitude to the main elections that have just passed, don’t forget that these are voluntary roles and therefore the election of these leaders should not be anywhere near as demanding as the Sabbatical elections.

Elections Committee today has discussed on how to make sure this principles if maintained when coming to the election of the leaders.

Many of you would have already been thinking about running for a Student Leader position, and the ones that will be available before the Easter break are –

A.U Officer (Athletic Union)

Sport and Health Officer

P.A.U Officer (Performing Arts Union)

RAG Officer (Raise and Give)

Societies Officer

Student Enterprise Officer

Union Films Cinema manager

The Edge Editor

Surge Radio Station Manager

Wessex Scene Editor

SUSU TV Station Manager

Community Volunteering Officer

JCR Officer

Equality & Diversity Officer

Trustees without Portfolio (3 positions)

If you want to know any more about what these positions entail, then e-mail to find out more about the positions. We can also put you in touch with the person currently performing the role (for the ones that currently exist)

Some key information for you to take in if you are thinking about running:

Nominations for these positions are due to open on Monday 21st March and will close on Monday 28th March.

You will need to submit a manifesto (500 word limit) along with a photograph of yourself and a poster design (The photograph and Poster design are both optional)

Candidates will then be able to campaign from when nominations close on the 28th, with voting opening on the Wednesday and closing on the Friday, the results will then be announced on the Friday evening (the last day of term)

More information will be available on over the next two days, for now that is some of the key information that you may need to begin thinking.

Spread the word, and good luck to all of you thinking of running! You will be part of a fantastic team next year in what will be an extremely exciting time for the Union.

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7 Comments on "Get involved in an exciting opportunity at SUSU – Become a Student Leader!"

  1. Charlotte
    David Gilani
    16/03/2011 at 8:11 pm Permalink

    Why the decision for a 500 word limit?

    Why are there only 2 days to vote? Surely this means that the average student won’t get a chance to get their opinion across? Surely that is NOT democracy?

    What advertising is being done for these positions?

    When will the rules for elections be published?

    How are candidates supposed to help voters make informed decisions if we’re not allowed to have an election to the same magnitude of the Sabb elections, which still had under 1/3 of the student population voting?

    How’s your day been, Charlotte?

  2. Charlotte
    David Gilani
    16/03/2011 at 10:02 pm Permalink

    Why is there a 500 word limit on manifestos?

    Where and when are the rules for elections going to be published?

    Why is campaigning only open for 4 days? Why is voting only open for 2 days? Surely this will stop students getting a chance to have their say by it being so short?

    How are these elections going to be publicised to all students if the elections process isn’t going to be of the same scale as the Sabb elections (which still only brought in less than 1/3 of the student population in voting turnout)?

  3. Charlotte
    Jamie chadd
    17/03/2011 at 1:04 am Permalink

    If you think the debate and discussion on the student leader position should be re-opened, please sign the petition today at the following link in an effort to do so.

    Doing so does not mean you are for or against the motion passed at Union Council on Monday. It purely means you feel the issue has not been discussed or consulted well enough with the student body.


  4. Charlotte
    Vadims Sondors (Frank)
    17/03/2011 at 3:24 pm Permalink

    Just for curiosity,

    What happened to SUSU International Officer position, which I wanted to go for?


  5. Charlotte
    17/03/2011 at 7:52 pm Permalink

    Wow, all of this decided with the consultation of three blog post comments, a clutter of paper notes from a big menacing box and a poorly attended open forum. Yes, totally the consultation this motion required. I wonder if all the members in each media department were ever asked specifically about this and there opinions…? I guess not, given that I’m struggling to find a single person actually for the cross-campus proposals in SUSU Media.

    This was rushed, not consulted, unfair on members of various departments who were ignored, and the motion should at least be spoken about again. And this is not even to mention how bad I think the idea of cross campus elections for Media heads actually are (just look at the comments reaction on the Wessex Scene article)

    I urge everyone to sign the petition above and attend the EGM.

  6. Charlotte
    18/03/2011 at 10:53 am Permalink

    Hey David,

    The manifesto word limit was a decision by elections committee, for various reasons. The Committee felt that putting pressure on student leader candidates in the same way as the Sabbatical elections would not have been fair, as you probably remember candidates at the last election were told they could be ‘creative’ and this resulted in some fantastic manifesto styles and formats. There was also a lot of feedback that students were apathetic over manifestos and that they needed to be a little clearer and concise for the electorate to see. There is nothing to stop a candidate linking in their manifesto to their Facebook/social networking space/blog where they can extend on their manifesto in further detail. We just didn’t want potential candidates to feel that they had to write thousands of words for their manifesto. If you have any specific questions of reasoning then feel free to e-mail me further.

    The election timetable was agreed by elections committee, some dates being due to the constitutional rules and also based on the type of election that we wanted to see. As chair of that committee, I made sure that all of the feedback from Council and any comments taken my way were taking into consideration and account over the type of election we wanted to see with the student leaders. It was important that we took the principle that these elections need to get the attention and recognition they deserve, but should in no way be as demanding as the main elections that have just passed. We aimed to strike that balance in any decisions that we made.

    We will be working on how these elections become publicised to all students. All major student groups have already been e-mailed about the student leader positions and I have had a very positive response rate with many students directly e-mailing me of interest. As I stated at Council, we had similar worries with the Sabb elections and after remaining positive and optimistic, doing everything we could to get more and more students talking about the elections, we saw some great turn outs, both in voting and in the number of candidates that ended up nominating themselves.

    Hi Vadims, the SUSU International student Officer election will take place early in Term 1 along with the sites officers, Postgraduate officers and Faculty reps.

  7. Charlotte
    David Gilani
    18/03/2011 at 3:35 pm Permalink

    Thanks for the response, Billy.

    My concern over manifestos was that surely by putting a limit on manifestos you are putting more pressure on the candidates to campaign physically and with social networking because they can’t get all their points across in the manifesto. However, I do take your point about the feedback; I can imagine with 17 positions, the students don’t want / can’t read through all the manifestos if they’re thousands of words long each.

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