The Excellence in Volunteering Awards

What a fantastic night we all had last night!
I was incredibly proud of what our volunteers have achieved within our Union, our University and our wider communities.

It was fantastic to see the passion and support that people had for each other, with standing ovations, applause that seemed to go on forever and a room full of smiles. What a great way to celebrate the talents and achievements of our students.
With new themes this year, we were able to access so many more students who were not necessarily identified with a particular union department. Volunteering, as we now know, is so much broader than that.
The new venue was intimate and the atmosphere was just incredible.
Listening to some of the acceptance speeches made me realise that this is even bigger than we thought, our award winners had teams of people behind them to thank.
I want to thank everyone who was involved, the staff and the student crew who made the night happen, SUSUtv for filming (well worth a watch!) and the sabbatical team for overcoming their nerves of public speaking.
Many claimed that their work for SUSU was effortless, that they did not see their work as a big achievement because they were proud to be doing it and giving something back to a place that has given them so much. What a great place we are involved in. Literally.

‘We are SUSU’ indeed!

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