Run for Chair of Union Council

SUSU elects a Chair of Council every year. Any Southampton student can stand for the position. This year the election will take place at the AGM on Tuesday 17 May at 5pm in the Union Cinema.

What does the chair do?

The Chair is responsible for chairing all Union Council meetings (3 times a term) as well as our General Meetings (usually 1 a year)

Their brief is to make sure all matters have a balanced debate, which follow the rules governing the meeting.

More information about these meetings can be found in the Union Standing Orders here (refer to Standing Order 1 on page 16 of the pdf)

How do I stand for election?

Nominations have opened already. There are two ways to get your nomination in:

  • If you are attending the AGM, you can nominate yourself there, they will close during the AGM, after the motions have been discussed. Come prepared to give a 2 minute speech explaining why you want the role.
  • If you can’t make it to the AGM, then you can nominate yourself online. You will also need to ask someone else to read out a speech (up to 2 minutes) at the AGM for you.

So, if you think you can help the Union’s meetings flow, engage and make informed decisions, then stand for Chair.

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